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Jeanette Jeanette Miller

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Jeanette Jeanette Voerman

Jeanette Jeannette: The


¿Cómo luce hoy Jeanette, la cantante con cara de niña de “Soy rebelde” y “Frente a frente”?

She wears a collared flannel shirt of various shades of purple the top button unbuttoned with a zippered purple hoodie with lilac fleece inside, dark blue jeans, and plum purple slip-on loafer shoes.

  • The song had been released in Spain two years prior to the movie with moderate success.

  • Brittany gets very defensive of Jeanette when someone else is mean to her, in most situations.

  • Her last studio album, Loca por la música, was released in 1989 on Twins and sought to reinvent her style with influences.